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Friday, 22 March 2013

Bring in the Harry Potters!

It is 4.06 pm now, the end of the business day in PNG, and as I announced my patience has officially run out. "Big Men" visit UNITECH campus making promises they do not intend to keep. Do they think our students are so easily fooled?

I pleaded to be let into the country to have a few weeks to prepare for the investigation and to meet with, and be briefed by my colleagues. No answer.

Guess what? I have not even been contacted by any official or member of the investigation team, while 6 of the 7 objectives refer to my person and appointment. A lack of common courtesy, at the very least.

In the mean time, I still have no idea if and when I can join my wife in Lae for Easter, who can not go out of the country. After #43 days of exile and working hard for my doctorate, just to see it questioned in PNG, I deserve better.

I am getting the news from the newspapers like anyone else. I know just as you do about this investigation which is though wrongly centered around me. 

Reading this article I had a tremendous revelation. What I have been doing over the last years with my management teams is all useless and futile. Outsiders - politicians, judges, etc. - can come in with a magic wand like Harry Potter and solve all the problems in the organization, and in only day!

I have been arrogant in thinking that working through issues methodically and in a strategized manner, listening to people, engaging in problem solving with small teams, was going to turn around an organization. I must remember to be humble.

Bring in the Harry Potters, and we are off to Hogwarts (or is it the Lae Inter), the magic castle from the best-selling books.

Disclaimer: I do not know if the newspaper article actually reflects what has been said by any of the people quoted. This post is about my revelation, it does not refer to any actual individual.

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