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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Denounce Corruption Contact PNG Echo | PNG Echo

(Thank you Susan for this initiative. Given the "ineffectiveness of government spending" and the grinding poverty in PNG, nobody can be against exposing corruption. Regrettably, now it is still those who expose corruption who have to be looking over their shoulders. AS).

Contact PNG Echo | PNG Echo

Dr. Susan Merrell

I am asking all PNGeans to become whistleblowers of corruption. I want the corrupt of PNG – especially corrupt leaders, to be constantly looking over their shoulder, wondering who will be watching and reporting on what they do.

If you have observed something not right about your Member of Parliament or what s/he is doing and cannot report it for fear of retribution – please contact PNG Echo and we will publish all authentic reports.

Rest assured we will never reveal our sources or write anything that will lead to that source. If we have enough whistleblowers all reporting, anonymously, and with impunity, then this should make the corrupt thoughtful and eventually lead to the reduction of corrupt practices.

I ask that you please print out the relevant sections and distribute to your wantoks who do not have the internet to keep them informed. An informed public is a discerning one.

Just contact: Dr Susan Merrell or fill out the form on the web page

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