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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

From Papua New Guinea Blogs: Expression Of Concern And Sympathy For Minister David Arore

Original: Papua New Guinea Blogs: Expression Of Concern And Sympathy For Minister David Arore
Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Minister David Arore, I am sure many who support our current government were pleased to hear your announcement on Friday agreeing to release the unitech Sevua report. This decision is long overdue and commended.

Minister Arore, what would not be appreciated by anyone right now is if you released a version of the report that was changed in any way, including parts being left out, wording changed, or new parts being added onto the original.To avoid suspicion that you made changes to the Sevua report before releasing, it is best to include written certifications by Judge Sevua and each council member confirming that that the released version is an exact copy of what Judge Sevua submitted.

Minister Arore, you probably know that our PM is not too happy about the way you handled the unitech issue.Don’t forget the PM showed faith in your abilities by appointing you to the ministry of highest intellect. You were too good to follow other instructions but your handling of unitech was a disaster. The PM expected you to solve the matter quickly, showing students and parents that government was serious about fighting unitech corruption and had student support. Instead your delays made people think the government was protecting corrupt people.

Minister Arore, as you know, the PM’s name then got dragged into the negative gossip about unitech.You never went to Lae to speak to students. Instead PM was forced to do your work to straighten the mess. When you announced the release of the Sevua report on Friday you put your foot in the mud again by saying you had terminated unitech VC. Even your staff say you don’t have such power. Expect your opponents to take the bullet you just handed to them and use it to shoot at the government. All because your lazy to read the law.

Minister Arore, your handling of the unitech issue was used by opponents of the government to make minister Don Polye look bad. During the short time he filled in for you, minister Polye tried his best to find a solution by speaking with all parties.He made brilliant progress, then you came back, spoilt everything back to Square 1 and internet stories started blaming minister Polye when it was your fault.Again you said nothing even when one unitech story after another dragged the PM and minister Polye’s reputation into the mud. Unitech stories spread from one facebook page to another across a nation of smartphones then jumping onto photocopiers and passing around peoples hands.People will see these internet stories 30 or 20 years from now because of your delays in solving this problem. Activists used your inaction as an opportunity to hold up the Sevua report as evidence that the government hides corruption. Is it any surprise people are joking that Beldon Namah must be paying you to make the PM look bad.

Minister Arore, last Friday it was a disbelief for many, including parents of university students, to see the Minister of Higher Education speaking on EMTV dressed unprofessionally and buai stained mouth. Have you no appreciation for the reputation of your Ministry and the image you should present?

Minister Arore, last week the story came out on the social media that you still haven’t produce receipts to explain large expenses you want the government to reimburse from your recent Philippines trip. What was that trip for anyway? Don’t you realise that most of your staff have abandoned you out of embarrassment.They smile to your face then whisper behind your back. Your making some of them angry enough to leak your secrets onto the internet for everyone to laugh at.

Minister Arore, it is common knowledge that many of your problems are caused by your excessive drinking.The PM nobly abandoned alcohol this year to set a good example and what about you? Doesn’t it bother you that people pass around that picture of you looking like a clown and say it is true?

Minister Arore, this can not go on.You must find a way to rebuild your credibility and stop being a liability to the PM and his government. Turn over a new leaf for 2014.Start by taking a step of honesty and release the exact version of the report that Judge Sevua provided. After that welcome to your heart the good news of the season. Christmas is the day our Lord Jesus Christ was born and best time for you to end the pact you made with the devil many years back. Genuinely dedicate yourself to Jesus Christ and you will not regret.Surely there is no better time than Christmas to turn your life around.

May God’s warming light finally reach your heart this Christmas, Minister David Arore.

Humble government servant

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