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Monday, 2 December 2013

From Papua New Guinea Blogs: In the holy name of Transparency, The Righteous Examines the Obstructionist in the Unitech Saga

Monday, December 2, 2013

In the holy name of Transparency, The Righteous Examines the Obstructionist in the Unitech Saga


Praises to God that a few TRUE PATRIOTS AND TRUE CHILDREN OF GOD are coming out with information that should be shared with the readers of PNGBLOGS. The main obstructionists in Unitech Saga are now known.

For the record the main governing body of Unitech is not the Prime Minister or any Minister, but a Council appointed by NEC. The old council headed by Philip Stagg and Ralph Saulep was suspended in January and replaced with a much improved Unitech Interim Council. Members are:

• Sir Nagora Bogan, Chancellor (former Ambassador to USA)

• Alan McLay (Lae Chamber of Commerce President)

• John Napu (Private Lawyer)

• Dr Ken Ngangan (President, Chartered Professional Accountants Association)

• Mr Joseph Hamylton (President, Institute of PNG Engineers)

The above list has many RESPECTABLE GOD FEARING CHRISTIANS by name. However there is one rotten sour-sop in the group and that is none other than Lawyer John Napu.

JOHN NAPU IS A FALSE PROCLAIMER OF GOD’S WORD. He follows money as his master and is a lawyer gun for hire just like former council member Ralph Saulep who he replaced. Whoever throws the most money to John Napu gets his attention. He willingly gives advice on what judges are easiest to bribe and other strategies for getting a court case dropped, just like Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Lawyer Jimmy Maladina got their 1999 NPF corruption cases dropped. Lawyers like John Napu now control the PNG Court System, not God Fearing Judges who are now few and far between.

Right now Lawyer Napu has his hands full representing shady Vice Minister for Mining, Wera Mori (Chuave MP). Failed Geologist Mori was arrested on 21 August on incredible 30 counts of fraud, conspiracy and false pretence. Charges refer to millions of missing kina budgeted for rehabilitation of the highlands highway through Chimbu. Wera Mori set up a front company Mori Resources to take possession of this money, channelled through the Department of Works. The corrupt dealings that Wera Mori was involved with his two associates top K25 million. Minister Mori showed his guilt by going on the run as soon as he learnt he was being charged until police caught up with him at Jacksons Airport.

Wera Mori is one of a long line of corrupt Servants of Satan who John Napu happily represents. Minister Mori’s next court date is in December very close to the next meeting of the Unitech Interim Council. At the meeting, Lawyer John Napu’s mind will be focused on getting Weri Mori off the hook and not solving Unitech Saga. Freeing Wera Mori will bring John Napu a truckload of Somare heads to buy Christmas gifts for himself and others that cannot be matched by money he gets from serving on the Unitech council.

However John Napu has not forgotten one important task serving on the Interim Council that Minister Arore has requested. John Napu must keep contents of the Sevua Report under wraps. Minister Arore does not like what the Sevua Report says about himself and his new friend former Unitech Professor Narayan Gehlot. Professor Gehlot is charged with fraud and conspiracy related to disappearance of over K675,000 PIP monies from Unitech. Minister Arore dreams of making millions with the help of Professor Gehlot and does not want more unpleasant information to come out about his new Business Partner.

It is fitting that David Arore would be assisted by someone like John Napu. If anyone was under the illusion that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill appoints professionally competent people to be his ministers, look no further than the HERST Minister. Minister Arore was permanently expelled from a New Zealand College for disciplinary problems and never graduated. Yet Peter O’Neill appointed this College Kickout to be minister of the most Intellectual Ministry in the government, that of HIGHER EDUCATION, RESEARCH, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. College Kickout Arore is far from being an intellectual as everyone in the Ministry will admit. David Arore wanted to become a Minister in another department where it was easier to get his sticky little fingers into money making schemes. However friends suggested that he create fly by night companies to bid for contracts to provide low quality school supplies and services. The ombudsman should keep a close eye on College Kickout Arore because he is easily tempted to become a Kickback King for HERST contracts.

As if all that weren’t enough, the good Minister Arore is still fighting court case allegations of bribery and corruption back in his home Oro Province. There is evidence that during the 2012 elections Minister Arore provided airline tickets, travel allowances, meals and lodging at the high priced Grand Papua Hotel for two returning election officials Paul Kamani and Elliot Damuni Tale. These officers now face charges of official corruption, abuse of office, and accepting bribes in relation to the election. Facing the court after his arrest, David Arore hired Paul Paraka lawyers to represent him. Minister Arore sees no problem being associated with the PNG law firm most famous for stealing hundreds of millions of kina of public money through manipulated and false court claims.

At the August Unitech interim council meeting, Servant of Satan John Napu carried out Servant of Satan David Arore’s instructions and stopped the Sevua report from being actioned.

Until now, other members of the interim Unitech council have let themselves be manipulated and dominated by David Arore’s right hand man on the interim council. Transparency is not the name of the game for any Unitech Council, making it easy for corrupt people to take over these meetings and cover their tracks. ONLY BECAUSE COMMITTED CHRISTIANS WITHIN THE COUNCIL TOLD PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE MEETING WHAT REALLY HAPPENED AT THE LAST MEETING HAVE THE CORRUPT BEEN CORNERED. Let the leakouts continue and thank God that there are true Christians in the Interim Council who have seen the Light and will not let themselves be held hostage by the Servants of Satan.

Let us hope that the majority of member of the Unitech Interim Council who have reputation for following the word of God will put thoughts into action when the council meets in December. Please ask everyone you know to pray that these God fearing Council Members will carry out the Lord’s natural will in these important ways:

• Will stop pretending that John Napu is anything but the evil implementor of corrupt David Arore’s wishes.

• Will UPHOLD CHRISTIAN VALUES OF OPENNESS and make known to the public not only the contents of the Sevua report but also the council’s actions regarding the Report. Jesus Christ would never let himself be used by corrupt people to help keep their sins secret and neither should the genuine Christian interim council members let themselves be manipulated by John Napu and David Arore.

• Will FREE an innocent man to continue his good work at Unitech by ordering the government to let Albert Schram return immediately to PNG to lead Unitech and be added time on this contract to make up for time wasted by Satan’s Servants Philip Stagg, Ralph Saulep, David Arore, Narayan Gehlot and John Napu.

• Will FOLLOW GODS WILL by investigating the story that the recent student council election was fraudulent and covered up by the current Unitech Acting Vice Chancellor John Pumwa, Pro-Vice Chancellors Makwin Maino and Muhammed Satter, Registrar Veronica Thomas, Bursar Bapa Bomoteng and SRC Past President Livingstone Hosea. Jesus Christ would never want his children on the Interim Council to look away from serious allegations of this nature.

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