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Monday, 14 October 2013

Saulep and Stagg stonewalled Unitech Investigation —

(Thank you PNG Blogs for bringing this up. It is not up to me to answer any of the questions in the article. When are we going to get answers? AS)

Oct. 14, 2013

Former Chancellor Phillip Stagg
Does anyone know the latest on the strange story of Unitech VC Shram? As a former Unitech, this case is of special interest to me. What I have found out from some people at office of higher education is as follows: the report by Judge Sevua commissioned by the PM was completed long ago and it finds VC Shram innocent of all charges brought on by certain members of the old Council (mostly Ralph Saulep and Philip Stagg) who presided over Unitech’s many years of decline and seemed to be trying to cover up their sins by trying to get rid of Shram.

The investigative report apparently lays out the fault with the current mess at Unitech as being blamed on Saulep and Stagg.

It seems this is the reason the report is being covered up. Once again the bad guys seem to win in PNG? I have been less able to find out what is the status of VC Shram except that he;s sitting someplace in Australia with the clock ticking, still being the appointed VC in all respects and getting paid for it. But people in the government are not allowing him to come back to PNG. Could this be the Saulep and Stagg at work?

I would like to find out if there is any hope for my university and why do we see again that even if there is an investigation that finds the innocence of someone they are still treated like they are guilty because the bad people are once again the most active in getting their way.

Does anyone know or can find out what is still roadblocking the VC from coming back into PNG? I thought that those now looking after Unitech are ok people so what are they doing to bring the VC back to serve out his contract?

How many times have I seen a situation like this in PNG where the evil forces are the ones with the energy and motivation to get things done in their direction while so many honest Christians act like in some state of paralysis and not doing a thing to promote justice.

Do we have a serious mental illness in PNG affecting honest people that allows the evil ones to win time and time again? If anyone has their ears to the wall and can let us know whats going on please inform, don’t be silent. Maybe this Sevua report should be leaked by a caring person who isn’t paralysed like all the rest!

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