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Monday, 11 November 2013

Papua New Guinea Blogs: OHE's Kavanamur and acting VC Pumwa allowing the Secret Sevua report saga to paralyse Unitech

(I learned to look at what people do, and not listen to what they say. The Sevua Report is still not published, thus allowing all kinds of lies and untrue stories about UNITECH and myself to fester. I am happy somebody is keeping the main issue alive, and I don't have to do all the writing myself. AS).

Papua New Guinea Blogs: OHE's Kavanamur and acting VC Pumwa allowing the Secret Sevua report saga to paralyse Unitech

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

By Unitech Loyalist

UniTech confusion is getting worse. Is Minister David Arore of HERST out of control in the O’Neill government or part of a government that lies at every turn? The former council of UniTech created this mess. The new council headed by Sir Nagora Bogan is the possible way out of this mess but council can’t approve the Sevua report because Minister David Arore ordered the report not to be acted upon even within the council meeting.

Minister Arore is hiding the report to protect corrupt members of the old UniTech council. Minister Arore is following Don Polye’s unwise decision a few months back that the report would not be made public.Meanwhle those who plan to take over UniTech by year end are spreading propaganda around campus at this very moment to tell staff to except the change in UniTech leadership back to the old council.

Acting VC Prof John Pumwa is the boss right now at UniTech. Unfortunatly he is now helping Minister David Arore keep UniTech national staff in the dark either purposely or accidentally. This Acting VC has all the ammunition and the integrity to tell the truth to UniTech staff and not dance around the table as he did at last week’s dinner for UniTech staff. Acting VC Prof John Pumwa and UniTech colleagues have been in Port Moresby the last few days at Office of Higher Education. Did they use the time wisely to handle the biggest issue facing UniTech?

Acting VC Pumwa is member of UniTech council. He has a copy of Sevua report and knows whats in it. He acts like he is helpless to do anything but we all know that Prof John Pumwa has proven himself as a man of action many times in the past. Strong stand and sharp decisions. Go John go! You have the integrity and the will, where is your energy these days? Show your guts and stamina on this issue. Prof, wake up! You aren’t a spectator in this Sevua issue but a first line player.

God sent you into the playing field. How you perform will either win the match or drag the whole team to defeat. If you continue to do nothing, you lose the game. Accept your role, get in there and start putting pressure on OHE director general David Kavanamur, to stop sitting on his lazy chair. Prof Kavanamur must tell Minister Arore that he is destroying the reputation of PNG education in a way that will last many years.

Prof John Pumwa and Prof David Kavanamur, you two were not appointed to be figurehead leaders whose work is to go to functions, fill your belly as you chitchat, then go sleep. These are leadership positions so show leadership on the Sevua report and start telling the complete truth to UniTech staff on what is really going on. Staff are tired of the same optimistic message that has no substance.

Frustration is leading people to start speaking out. Your overseas colleagues are now invited to become part of the audience watching and waiting to see whether you two showed leadership or ran away from the big test.

The world watches on whether PNG UniTech is a credible institution or an illusion created by corrupt politicians and timid managers

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