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Friday, 8 November 2013

Remember this?

Press Statement on the Results of the UNITECH Mediation Team

Tuesday 12th November we will celebrate a sad anniversary. It will be 1 year ago that the Honourable David Arore, Minister of Higher Education made a press statement announcing the results of the first investigation about UNITECH affairs. The recommendations included:
  1. rehabilitate of the accounting system
  2. drastically improve IT for students and staff
  3. undergo institutional and program audits with a view to international accreditation
  4. for engineering programs prepare steps towards Washington Accord accreditation
  5. review with OHE a salary for all UNITECH staff
  6. implement debt reduction strategy to reduce the debt of Kina 36 Million
In addition, a fraud investigation within 48 hours was announced. All excellent ideas!

Very little of this agenda has been achieved in one year. Instead, I became subject of heavy handed government tactics and still living in exile. Meanwhile, the Minister seems to have reversed himself completely, but has never explained himself.

I hope the second anniversary we can celebrate together a full achievement of all the above objectives. I also expect not to need to wait another year for the release of the second investigation about UNITECH, the Sevua report. As they say, the first casualty is truth.

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