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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

UNITECH battle will be fought in the supreme court

Published on Sharp Talk

"The UNITECH saga may find an end soon in the Supreme Court in Port Moresby. On 16 December there will be a hearing where Manase Lawyers moves to dismiss the appeal that protects the substantive Vice-Chancellor and the Interim Council from all silly allegations and frivolous claims made in their regard. At previous hearings UNITECH was not represented by any lawyer.

The Management seems to be doing nothing to get the VC back into the country and defend the university's legal position. If the motion to dismiss is accepted, the legitimacy of the Council will be questioned again. Moreover, the Vice-Chancellor will not be able ever to come back to PNG without facing arrest and claims to pay legal expenses of former Council members. It is clear now why the Education Minister is waiting before publishing the Sevua report, which clears the Vice-Chancellor of all allegations made in his regard. By Xmas UNITECH will be even more rudderless and headless as well.

All Ex-UNITECH students should make an attempt to hear this case out and vote against corrupting PNG's top technology institution."

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