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Monday, 9 December 2013

From Papua New Guinea Blogs: Now we know why Peter O’Neill Appointed David Arore As HERST Minister

Original: Papua New Guinea Blogs: Now we know why Peter O’Neill Appointed David Arore As HERST Minister
Sunday, December 8, 2013

Honourable David Arore, Minister Higher Education Research Science & Technology
In today’s world, a country or a people’s reputation is determined by what the world’s more educated people think. Such people are widely read, sometimes well travelled, and able to carry on an intelligent conversation on many topics. The most respected media companies want such people as bureau chiefs and reporters, because smart, educated people are curious enough to investigate and compare extensively before writing about some event happening in the world. These writers inject the perspective of a well educated mind into whatever they write and if they want something to look foolish, that’s what they do.

Already there are plenty of crazy PNG things coming out of crazier beliefs that these reporters can write about. However, the prize of the year just landed in their inbox. The prize comes in the form of MP Theo Zurenuoc an obvious cargo cultist who believes that if he gets the symbols right around the parliament building, a magical airplane will descend from the heavens, land at Jackson’s airport, and vomit unlimited wealth and good sense that can immediately be scooped up and carried to Parliament, then injected into the pockets and currently empty brains of the over 111 people we dare call Honourable. “Ungodly images and idols” encircle the building, says Speaker Zurenuoc, and must be removed immediately if we want the magical plane to bless PNG with its offerings!

The POM High Commission buildings must be echoing with diplomatic laughter as the confident words of a clearly uneducated Speaker Zurenuoc pop out from the newspapers. Cargo cults were always an oddity known mostly from PNG, but apart from former Madang governor James Yali, everyone thought they were extinct until MP Zurenuoc opened his mouth. Zurenuoc’s latest project, still not denounced by the government, is guaranteed to generate a new crop of PNG stories coming on top of this year’s other crazy PNG stories on cannibals, black Jesus cults, and witch burnings. No stronger evidence could be offered that either we never went to school in PNG or we decided that everything we were taught in school can be discarded as untrue, starting with science.

That brings us to the strange case of Minister David Arore, who was recently reported on PNGBLOGS to be a college dropout of dubious ethics. The blogger seemed confused why David Arore, of all people, was appointed by Peter O’Neill to head Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology.

Why? That’s no mystery. Peter O’Neill not only leads a nation full of the proudly uneducated, he wants to keep it that way. The dumber people are and the crazier their beliefs, the easier they are to manipulate and control. O’Neill knew that when he visited Israel last month, it would cause shocked faces throughout our land to whisper, ples blo Jesus! Ating Praim Minista mas man blo Jesus! Mipla PNG los traib Isrialites na Pitooneel bai tokim Jesus lo kam divelopim mipla. That’s one smart step to dominating the country, and even more effective than decentralising hundreds of millions of kina into the pockets of local level governments.

Aspiring dictators everywhere love the Ignorant. If you keep people uneducated, you’ll stay in power forever. Peter O’Neill is very strategic. He knew very well how his trip to Israel could be used to build power, just as he knows the value of appointing an ignorant fool to head HERST and a complete nut case to chase ungodly idols around Parliament House. As far as Peter O’Neill is concerned, David Arore and Theo Zurenuoc’s are gifts from heaven that prove God’s support for Peter O’Neill to become PNG’s first dictator for life.

Scanning the rest of the world, it would appear that God allows human beings to live in peace, prosperity and honesty by putting their faith into what science has learnt, rather than burning witches, watching for masalai, cringing at the mark of the beast and hunting around the seats of government for ungodly idols. Even though that’s what the evidence indicates, crazy voices are getting louder anyway in the only Christian country where we seem to believe that God gave us a brain to develop an endless number of cargo cults based on blind faith instead of solid logic.

In that kind of environment, what point are colleges and universities, anyway? And why would someone like the deposed Unitech vice chancellor really want to come back to PNG live in such a backwater of stupidity? We’ve always been our own worst enemies and here we go being the global fools again. A ‘cleansing exercise’ to remove all ungodly images and idols from the PNG National Parliament? Lord have mercy on our boundless stupidity and confident ignorance!

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