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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Remember this? Minister's Press Statement on the Outcome of the UNITECH Mediation (12 November 2012)

This press statement was released on 12 November 2012, over 1 year ago, before Minister Arore turned against the Council he himself had appointed, thus prolonging the conflict and promoting instability on campus.

The whole saga could have stopped there and then. The agenda proposed in this press statement indicates what needed to be done at UNITECH:
  • Rehabilitate the internal bookkeeping system
  • Drastically improve ICT and IT networks for staff members and students
  • Undertake Institutional and Program audit (particularly in the engineering disciplines)
  • Commence the process of ensuring academic programs such as engineering are accredited to the Washington Accord
  • Undertake with OHE a salary review for staff
  • Adopt immediate strategies to reduce the current accumulative debt of K36 Million, and
  • Investigate claims of fraudulent and criminal practices that may or may not have occurred over the years.

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