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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Dr Schram arrives in Lae (Post-Courier 3 April 2014)

Original: Dr. Schram Arrives in Lae
April 03, 2014, 02:44 pm

Dr Schram – the man who has been the main reason for University of Technology students sit in protest has arrived in Lae today. A total of 100 vehicles as thousands of Unitech students turned up at the Nadzab airport to welcome the man who they regarded as their ‘father’. 

Dr Schram came out of the Air Nuigni Fokker 100 plane with a big smile as he raised his hand to greet the students. The long convoy back forced the city to a halt for almost and hour before heading into the campus. 

The protest that has lasted more than a month saw the students boycott classes and closing down the main campus and administration. In their dying support the students demanded that ‘No Schram No School’. 

They demanded the Dr Schram be returned before they can return to classes. And today was a victory for the students as Dr Schram arrived in Lae. The National Government has moved swiftly to fly in Dr Schram.

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