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Sunday, 24 August 2014

VC's Message upon Taking Annual Leave

Here is the video on YouTube

Dear UNITECH Students and Staff,

Coming Wednesday my wife Paulina and I will take our annual leave. Due to the UNITECH Saga we were unable to go home for over 1 year and we need to see our aging parents and family members.

We are happy of what our management team has accomplished during its first 100 days. We asked you now to work with Deputy Vice-Chancellor Dr. Ora Renagi, who will be acting Vice-Chancellor in my absence.

We are all working hard to create an environment for our students where they can develop themselves, and enjoy a great learning experience.

I wish to share 3 important messages for our students: never forget to respect your body, your mind and your identity.

Respect your body. Stay out of harms way, don't get hurt and prevent any accidents. Please stay healthy, and learn how to avoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases. In the coming weeks, try to participate in the workshops given by students of UPNG on how to stay healthy.

Respect your mind and your ability to learn. Please do not abuse alcohol or other drugs. Sadly, we have seen this year how this has led to many accidents, some of them deadly.

Respect your identity. Be proud of who you are, and your family, whether you come from city or village, PNG or elsewhere.

Only when you know who you are, you will be able to learn from others. Only at university, can we experience how diversity is our strength.

Our return ticket is for second week of October, which is when we will back at our home on campus.

We hope to see you all soon again, in good health.

God Bless you all.

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