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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

VC's Christmas Message 2016


Against difficult odds, the PNG University of Technology was able to round up the 2016 academic year successfully. Fortunately, despite our financial challenges we will continue to be able to process the payroll on time in December and January. We thank you all for your hard work and support during this extremely challenging and stressful year. The night of 24-25 June was not a silent, nor a peaceful night.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Statue of St. Augustine

(Speech at the St. Augustine Parish for the Donation of a Small Statue of St. Augustine, 4 December 2017.)

Today, I would like to present a small statue of St. Augustine of Hippo (now Algeria in North Africa) to this parish which has been named after him when it was consacrated by Bishop Henry van Lieshout on 4th of June 2008.

Statue of St. Augustine in Pavia

Speech about Sir Nagora Bogan (3 December 2016)

Distinghuished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

I feel honoured that in such a distinguished company I am allowed to say a few things about Sir Nagora Bogan. He asked me because of the many CEOs he worked with, I am the most recent one.

Sir Nagora with the Vice Chancellor of Akita University in Japan
In the past, I have had the pleasure of working with many different bosses, almost as many females as males, who were highly successful and accomplished, driven and passionate. There were a few rotten ones, but the good ones were very good. For many years, for example, I reported to a distinguished Latin American agricultural economist, who ran a successful consulting business in three different countries. I had the pleasure of working with an Indian economist at the World Bank. I had excellent professors from the United States, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Belgium giving me guidance and direction.

Sir Nagora, however, tops them all.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Excellence and Transparancy in Research, Teaching and Operations

(Speech delivered at the Closing of 2016 series of UNITECH's 1 hour Tuesday research seminars, Rose Kekedo Foyer, PNGUoT Taraka Campus, 29 November 2016).

As always, it has been great today to be able participate in this very interesting research seminar. Thank you for inviting me and allow me to make a few closing remarks for this year's series.

Dr. Kaul Gena presenting his research at the seminar 22 November 2016

Let me cluster my remarks around three key questions. First, is there a standard of excellence for research? Secondly, what role do publicly funded research intensive universities play in the national innovation system? Third, what are UNITECH's contribution to research and innovation in PNG?