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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Inquiry into Unitech Begins - EM TV

Inquiry into Unitech Begins - EM TV

Upon request here are the objectives of the investigation, not inquiry. Note that 7 objectives of the investigation are about Dr. Albert Schram, who was not even Vice-Chancellor when Council failed to oversee the alleged fraud perpetrated by the previous management team.

After an rigourous internal UNITECH inquiry, and extensive police investigations all members of the previous management team have now been arrested and charged.

Only 1 objective refers to the dissolved Council, but again focusing on the recruitment process. Aren't we barking up the wrong tree here? Is the ploy not a bit too obvious?

"3.1.1. Establish whether proper due diligence process (sic!) was followed in the search, short listing, selection and appointment of the Vice-Chancellor - Dr. Albert Schram." 
"3.1.2. Establish whether the Registrar's Office was involved for background search (sic!) and recommendation." 
“3.1.3. Establish whether proper process was followed in the two instance of termination of the Vice-Chancellor’s contract.”
“3.1.4 Establish the facts behind the Vice-Chancellor’s alleged terminations (sic!) by the council on the 8th of November 2013 (sic!), in particular: Whether the meeting was validly convened; and Whether the termination of the Vice-Chancellor on 8th of November 2012 was lawful and valid?”
“3.1.5. Establish the truth or otherwise of allegations that Dr. Albert Ernst Giovanni SCHRAM fabricated and/or lied about his Academic Qualification and/or identity;”
"3.1.6 Establish whether the conduct and management of the Phillip Stagg Council was consistent with the relevant governing Acts and Council By-Laws and as such whether lawful. In addition, establish whether or not the role and action(s) of members of the Stagg Council had a direct impact on the impasse."

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