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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Schram isn’t VC: O’Neill - EM TV

Schram isn’t VC: O’Neill - EM TV

This is most confusing. The PM has obviously not been informed correctly.

Fortunately, the University Council is my legal employer, and universities established by Act of Parliament have autonomy in PNG.

Imaginary realities are continuously being created by the media and statements from members of the government, with scant regard for the legal situation and the truth.

I will say it again, I was never legally dismissed (where is the court order?) and my visa was never legally cancelled. In fact, I will be entering the country on it soon to take up my responsibilities.

To reassure the parents: UNITECH has a Chancellor, a Vice-Chancellor and a Registrar who will sign the degrees of the graduands.

The question is in the long-term how can we keep running a university like this? Let's get the politics out of the university administration, it does not look pretty. Posturing in the media like this does not contribute anything to creating stability at the top and the governability of the University.

Another personal insult added to the injury of illegal deportation. Well, at least I am still responsible for the tree cangaroos in the Rainforest Habitat. I can finally give them my undivided attention until the end of my suspension on the 14th of March.

To be continued....

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