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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

7 Ways Teachers Can Create Videos without Installing any Software ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

7 Ways Teachers Can Create Videos without Installing any Software ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Today while I was reading a short article on the importance of videos in education, it dawned on me to compile a list of some of the best video creation tools to share with you here. I do have a separate section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning where I have been featuring a plethora of video tools . But today's collection is somehow different not only because it contains the cream of the crop but also because these tools are all web based.

All of the web tools below do not require any software installation and you can work on them right from your browser. I am pretty sure you will find them very useful particularly when working on video projects with your students. Please have a look and share with us if we have missed any important title. Enjoy

1- Wevideo

WeVideo is a collaborative, cloud-based online video editor that is free to use, with affordable options to export in HD and store additional videos
2- Google Story Builder

This Story Builder allows you to create mini-movies or video stories with the feel of Google Docs. You can also personalize the videos you create using the characters, story, and even music of your choosing and when you finish you can share your final product with others.
3- Pixorial

Rather than spending valuable classroom time learning a complicated video editing program, you and your students can now get straight to the project. Whether you want to film your lectures, create exciting presentations, or encourage your students’ creativity by having them shoot, edit and share their own videos, it’s all possible using this super-simple platform.
4- Powtoon

Here is what you can do with PowToon :

Create Engaging and Captivating Content
Animate Your Flipped Classroom
Inspire Reluctant Students to be Creative
Let Your Students Express Themselves
4- Intervue

Intervue is a quick and easy tool for publishers who are looking to gather short video responses online from anyone with a webcam.

5- Web of Stories

It allows you to either record direct to your computer with a webcam or upload a video you have filmed on your handycam or phone. You can even perform simple edits with trim tool, and of course you can record as many stories as you like
6- Flixtime

Mix your photos, videos and music to create mind blowing videos. Fast & Easy.
7- Wideo

Wideo is an online animation platform that allows you to create, edit, and share videos for free. The platform allows you to choose (or upload) the images, fonts, animations, and videos you want to use in order to create your own online video and then share.

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