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Monday, 14 April 2014


Original: Papua New Guinea Blogs: WHY THE 2014 UNITECH BOYCOTT SUCCEEDED

By Former PNG Journalist

As the Unitech saga fades into time, it leaves positive thoughts in the minds of thousands. Most of us will not forget the dedicated young people who bravely stood up and spoke out against corruption. The government repeatedly threatened the students hoping to frighten them into submission. Through the government's two mouthpieces, The National and Post Courier, we read the many smug editorials that belittled the students as foolish and irresponsible, then telling them to behave themselves and go back to class.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Unitech Resume Classes - YouTube

Original Unitech Resume Classes - YouTube

Opening the Administration Building

Schram is Back - YouTube

Original Schram is Back - YouTube

Setback for Unitech meeting plans | PNG Edge

Original: Setback for Unitech meeting plans | PNG online news | PNG real time news | PNG Edge
Melanie Vari on Thu, 04/10/2014 - 17:04

An advertised “urgent meeting of the Unitech council’’ arranged by Ralph Saulep at the Hideaway Hotel in Port Moresby yesterday was postponed at the last minute.

It was scheduled for 2pm today.

But PNG Edge was told by hotel reception to enquire at their sales office located on the first floor about the status of the meeting and was told that it had been postponed to next week due to a pending court hearing.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Unitech back to school after boycott (PNG Edge)

Original by Sally Pokiton on Mon, 04/07/2014 - 06:07

From left to right: Eddie Nagual (SRC President), Paulina Schram (VC's Wife), Dr. Albert Schram (Vice-Chancellor) and Prof. Atkins (Chair of the Welcoming Committee)

Formal classes for week five will start at Unitech today in what is supposed to be the ninth week of the academic year.

This will see students engaging in make-up classes and if possible nine classes for some while the mid semester break and semester break will not be observed.

Last Friday saw the university return to normal life after four weeks of boycott resulting in the annual graduation normally held in March being deferred.