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Sunday, 16 March 2014

A year of no progress on my return to UNITECH

I was deported unlawfully twice on 8 February and 9 March 2013 from Papua New Guinea, while holding a valid employment visa. I was not issues any deportation order or any other written notice. I was simply refused entry without a reason.

In his letter dated 11 March 2013, over 1 year ago, UNITECH Chancellor Sir Nagora Bogan expresses his dismay at the travel ban imposed on me. This ban has not been lifted until today. Many letters and meetings followed, to no avail.

Sir Nagora Bogan, Chancellor of the PNG University of Technology
In the letter he says: "(The Vice-Chancellor Dr. Schram) is ... a victim of a grandiose vindictive action orchestrated principally by members of the former Council when he started the process to restore proper governance and audit the accounts of the University."

An the government's response? On 14 March they cancelled the Vice-Chancellors employment visa.

Thank you Chancellor, for working continuously to facilitate my return. We will never give up.

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