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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Full disclosure #2: Why the Sevua Investigation Team did not interview me

The PM's press statement last week mentions I did not attend the Sevua Investigation interview at the scheduled time.

I did my very best to attend the Sevua Investigation Team interview, which according to the schedule published in the newspaper was on Wednesday 10 April 2013, at 9 am. A few days earlier, I had sent a personal messenger to the Sevua Investigation team who delivered my written response to the team's questions. It was of course in my interest to give my part of the story, after so many attempts in the media to cast doubt on my good name.
At the time, I was exiled in Australia and there was a travel ban effective for me, so I needed clearance from the Chief Secretary's office for re-entry into the country.

Regrettably, the clearance for me entering the country arrived one day too late (see letter below). I apologized to the investigation team, and asked for a new appointment. I never received another invitation.

In his letter, the Chief Secretary implicitly recognizes there was a possible security threat in my regard. At the time, this came from a former foreign head of department, which we had fired for incompetence.

Once I was in the country, I did not go about my personal business, but I travelled to Lae to sign the degree papers and attend the council meeting for the graduation. When I arrived I found out matters had already been taken care of, and I was not invited at the graduation. I left the country on my own accord.

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