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Monday, 17 March 2014

Final Word on my Doctorate

(Lately, again in the media in Papua New Guinea questions have been raised about my academic credentials. I hope that is the end of it now. In any case, anyone interested could have asked the dear professor, and received a similar email.

The European Institute was set up in 1976 in Fiesole, near Florence in Italy as an elite social science research institute of the European Commission. It is widely recognized as a top research institute in world wide.  It counts about 1.000 researchers in 4 departments, all at PhD level.

By statute, it is an inter-governmental organisation and is therefore not in most university rankings. It has exchange agreements with many top universities such as LSE, Harvard etc., which is how I spent 3 months at the LSE and Prof. Williamson was sitting on my Thesis Committee.


Original: Email
Harvard logo, VERITAS = TRUTH in Latin

Jeffrey Williamson <>
17 March 2014 21:51

Cc: Albert Schram <>

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O'Neill

Papua New Guinea Chief Secretary, Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc

Dear Honored Gentlemen:

I understand that the educational credentials of Vice Chancellor at Papua New Guinea Institute of Technology Doctor Albert Schram are being challenged by political elements in your country.

I can assure you that Dr. Schram received his doctorate from the European University Institute in November 1994. I know because I was there as one of the examiners.


Jeffrey G. Williamson
Laird Bell Professor of Economics, Emeritus, Harvard University
Honorary Fellow, Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI 53703 USA email:

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