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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

‘Schram will open gates’ students say | PNG online news | PNG real time news | PNG Edge

Original: ‘Schram will open gates’ students say | PNG Edge
Sally Pokiton on Wed, 03/12/2014 - 23:31

The main gate will not be opened because we are boycotting says Unitech SRC president Edddie Nagual.

The SRC president was issued a letter from the administration today to have the main gate open for the free flow of public and pedestrians as well as motor vehicles so staff and students movements are not inconvenienced.

Unitech’s Acting Vice Chancellor Veronica Thomas in a letter to the SRC president Eddie Nagual requested the students to keep their agreement by having the gate open following a mutual agreement to shut down administration to observe the 48 hours notice to minister Gore by the SRC.

“SRC failed on its agreement to keep the main gate open and therefore this notice is to requested you immediately ensure that the main gate is cleared of all obstruction and normal traffic restored by 6:00pm today Wednesday 12th March, 2014,”

“The obstruction of free movement of people is considered a serious violation of people’s constitutional rights hence you are hereby instructed to take serious heed of this letter to ensure free flow of traffic by 6 pm today[Wednesday],” says Thomas in the letter.

Nagual told PNG Edge tonight the gate was closed and will not be opened until the government gives a positive respond to students demands. “All are students and staff are using the small gates to enter and leave the campus. The movement of people within the campus is normal,” “The main gate will not be opened because we are boycotting, it’s a symbol entry of university. If we open the gates people will think it’s normal so our stand is very clear, the gates will remain locked,” says Nagual.

He says the key to the university bus was returned to the administration at 6pm this evening.

Meanwhile the 48 hours administration shut down ends at midday tomorrow but the gates will remain locked. “The agreement with the administration was a verbal agreement and not written in black and white so it’s nothing they can use against us,”

“There needs to be a response from the government and we want Schram to open the gates,” says Nagual.

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