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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Students force 48 hour closure | PNG online news | PNG real time news | PNG Edge

Original: Students force 48 hour closure | PNG online news | PNG real time news | PNG Edge
Titi Gabi on Tue, 03/11/2014 - 15:02

Boycotting students at Lae’s University of Technology have forced the administration to close for 48 hours.

That started a few hours ago and will go until Thursday.

Well-placed sources tell PNG Edge students have commandeered the University’s buses, parking one across the main entry to prevent anyone getting in or going out.

“One student’s phone was confiscated and smashed, while trying to take pictures this morning,’’ the source says.

Staff at the student Administration services were ordered to close the office and go home until Thursday while some students embark on a ‘public awareness road trip’ up the Highlands Highway on the situation at campus.

“The perimeter fence around campus has been flattened and extra holes made as residents look for entry and exit points and students are camping around the main block,” the source says.

Higher Education Minister, Delilah Gore yesterday ordered students back to class or ‘face appropriate action’ while she continues negotiations with all stakeholders.

Students reacted today, demanding instead Professor Albert Schram be reinstated and the report of the findings by the Sevua inquiry be made public.

In 2012, Professor Schram was accused of ‘falsifying’ his qualifications. This led to fallout between the administration and the university council. Students defended Schram and a series of rioting incidents ensued.

Peter O’Neil ordered an investigation and an interim council was appointed, headed by Sir Nagora Bogan.

The investigations led by retired Judge Mark Sevua found nothing wrong with Schram’s qualifications. But Waigani is yet to table that report and a decision was made by the interim Council to reinstate Schram.

A few weeks ago, Immigrations told pngedge, his travel documents are being processed.

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