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Monday, 17 March 2014

Students refuse to allow staff into office | PNG Edge

Original: Students refuse to allow staff into office | PNG online news | PNG real time news | PNG Edge
Sally Pokiton on Mon, 03/17/2014 - 16:38

A forum held yesterday at the University of Technology by the Pro Vice Chancellor Micah Vines failed when students refused to allow skeleton staff into the administration building to process their pay.

Vines told students to allow bursary staff and the skeleton staff excluding the senior executive managers (SEM) to run the financial system to pay staff as well as the catering company which provides students with meals on campus.

In an attempt to get students to return to class, Mr Vines told students to either return to classes or the minister responsible for Higher Education will appoint a new interim council.

This did not go down well with the students which ended up with him being scolded by the students.

“This would mean another chaos, all SEM will be dismissed and new oneS appointed, “says SRC committee and student leader Stanley Tapoka.

Vines told students that the SRC cannot access its account and so the Unitech staff will go without pay due to the administration being shut down for almost a week now.

Currently staff members are not paid because the administration is closed and the Bursar’s office is the only office that takes care of staff pay.

Going into the sixth week of the 2014 academic year, students are suffering from missing classes due to the boycott that is into its second week. The students refuse to return to classes unless Professor Albert Schram returns to campus to take charge.

The Prime Minister and the Minister for Higher Education last week urged students to return to classes but they maintained their stand to have Professor Schram return to Unitech.

Last week also saw students go to the Highlands region and Madang for awareness to gain support. Students returned over the weekend.

In an attempt to get comments from Interim Council Chairman Sir Nagora Bogan, it was revealed that the council is holding a meeting regarding the new appointment.

A campus rally will be staged on Wednesday.

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  1. Dear Albert,
    Do you have a contact for the Union of students PNG, I'm trying Stanley again, but phone has gone voice mail. Want to get an update and comments from Minister Gore. I have sms'd Minister and am waiting for a reply.

    Kenya Kala @Radio Australia, Melbourne