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Monday, 24 March 2014

Schram can return to PNG but not Unitech | PNG online news | PNG real time news | PNG Edge

(COMMENT: I am supposed to camp outside the UNITECH gate? I live on campus, why am I banned from going home? Where is this signed and sealed court order banning me from entering campus? Nobody seems to have seen it.

There is only a falsified court order circulated in Dec. 2012 by the former Pro-Chancellor Ralph Saulep, but he has never been able to produce a signed and sealed one.

Everybody conveniently seem to forget that there is a Supreme Court Appeal SCM4/2012 which bans UNITECH Council (old, interim or new) from changing my employment status. I have never been legally dismissed. All legal procedures in the National Courts need to be interpreted in the light of this Supreme Court appeal. National Judges should not rule, until the supreme court has produced its verdict.

There is no vacancy for VC at UNITECH therefore, and both my contracts  with the old and interim Council run until 31 December 2015. A possible new Council will have to abide by these obligations, according to PNG Labour Law. AS)

Schram can return to PNG but not Unitech | PNG online news | PNG real time news | PNG Edge
Frankiy Kapin on Sat, 03/22/2014 - 17:49

There is nothing stopping Dr Albert Schram from returning to PNG, but not to Unitech as it will violate an existing court order and defy the laws of PNG.

Minister for Justice and Attorney General Kerenga Kua said therefore the national government is committed to assisting the University of Technology in removing this court order.

Kua said government lawyers will draft a submission with the help of Unitech SRC for the order to be removed.

Kua credited the student leaders for being articulate and maintaining a peaceful protest.
He said it has taken many years for this issue to reach the current status so also will it take time to reach a solution.

Kua blamed past Unitech leaders for failing to follow instituted by-laws and regulations for the common good and being transparent and accountable.

Kua stressed the process must start now If the university is to make a start to right the wrong.
“Let’s build a platform that is lawful, and it starts with building the bridge connecting concerned parties for dialogue,” Kua said.

Kua said three weeks ago in his capacity as the Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs in the absence of Minister Rimbink Pato, he received the petition for Schram’s return from the interim council chairman Sir Nagora Bogan.

Kua said there was a clear case for the ban to be lifted and so directed the Chief Migration officer to lift the ban.

Kua said the Sevua report had been finalised and will be presented to the NEC next Wednesday by Higher Education Minister Delilah Gore.

“We can only move forward now that the line of communications is open,” said Kua.

Unitech SRC president Eddie Nagual acclaimed the gathering being the moment all have waited for, and now having the government on the spot.

Nagual said both parties now understood the root of the issue stemming from the self-interests of some

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